Diseases of digestive system

Acupuncture Single Points for gastroptosis
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In medicine, gastroptosis is the abnormal downward displacement of the stomach. It is not a life threatening condition. The condition frequently causes digestive symptoms and constipation, dizziness, palpitation, fatigue and postural hypotension and is much more prominent in women than men. It is treated with herbs for reinforcing qi of the middle jiao.

1. Juque (RN14)
The patient lies down with face upward and relaxes the abdomen. The practitioner inserts a 7 cun needle into Juque (RN 14) at angle of 25 degree downwards in the muscles till the needle tip is close to the umbilicus and then rotates the needle clockwise for 3-5 times till the needle is fixed with the abdominal muscle and holds the needle for 40-50 minutes. The patient will feel strong soreness and contraction of the local muscles which is gradually spread from lower abdomen to upper gastric region, and then withdraw the needle gently. After the treatment, the patient is required to stay in bed for 3 days.

2. Liangmen (ST21)
The points on both sides are punctured downwards along the abdominal muscle at the depth of 3 cun. Manipulates till there are needling feeling locally, withdraw the needle very slowly, and it will take 2-3 minutes (the patient will get same feeling as therapy 1 ). Treatment is done every other day for 10-20 sessions.

3. Tiwei
Extra-point, 4 cun lateral to Zhongwan (RN 12).A 3 cun needle is horizontally inserted from Tiwei to Tianshu (ST25) at depth of 2.5 cun with rotating method till the patient feels the stomach lifted, and remained for 30 minutes with manipulation every 5-10 minutes. Twelve sessions make a therapeutic duration.

The key point for treating gastroptosis is the specific manipulation. The selected point is based on practitioner's experience, mainly located around Zhongwan (RN12).
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