Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

Contraindications for five kinds of flavors
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1. Diseases of the five organs have contraindications for five kinds of flavors.
2. Pungent flavor is contraindicated for liver disease (the liver matches wood, pungent matches metal, metal restricts wood). The doctor doesn't
allow you to eat Chinese omons with jam.
3. Salty flavor is contraindicated for heart disease (the heart matches fire, salty matches water, water restricts fire). It's better to eat less pork, its too salty.
4. Sour flavor is contraindicated for spleen disease (the spleen matches earth, sour matches wood, wood restricts earth). Sesame, plum, Chinese
chives, and dog meat are all sour.
5. Sweet flavor is contraindicated for kidney disease (the kidney matches water, sweet matches earth, earth restricts water). Please take away the beef and mallows.
6. Bitter flavor is contraindicated for lung disease (the lungs match metal, bitter matches fire, fire restricts metal).
More information, please read Food Partiality.
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