Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

The sea of Qi
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Shangzhong (The sea of Qi)
1). The central part of the chest, between the two nipples  2). also the name of an acupoint. Shanzhong, the gathering place of vital energy, is called the sea of qi.

1. The Yellow Emperor asks, "How is things going when four seas are normal or not?" Qi Bo answers, "Sufficiency of sea of qi shows abundance of evil qi. People often feel fullness in chest, worry with gasp and are red in face."
2. Insufficiency of sea of qi is deficiency of lung-energy with symptoms such as gasping for breath and speaking weakly.
3. The twelve meridians, the gathering places of blood, are called the sea of blood. Too much of a sea of blood makes people feel swollen and they anger easily, but they don't know what's wrong with them.
4. An insufficient sea of blood makes people feel thin, empty, and uncomfortable.
5. The stomach; the gathering place of food,is called the sea of water and grain. Too great a sea of water and grain makes people feel swollen.
6. A deficiency of sea of water and grain makes people hungry, but they don't feel like eating.
7. The brain, the gathering place of brain and spinal cord, is called the sea of marrow. Too much of this sea of marrow makes people feel lighter and stronger than common people.
8. An insufficiency of the sea of marrow makes people giddy and dazzled, with ear ache and pains in the legs as they stand unstably and watch unclearly.
9. People are often in low spirits and want to sleep.
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