Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

Why timid people get angry
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1. When drinking, timid people act like brave people when they get angry.
2. What makes him behave in that way?
3. Alcoholic drinks are the cream of water and grain, originating from fermented cereals, they are strong and violent.
4. After the wine enters the stomach, it fills the stomach and qi rise up to the whole chest.
5. At the same time, liver-energy flourishes and floats and gallbladder-energy becomes strong and spreads. Why did you abuse me?
6. When he is drunk he behaves like a warnor.
7. He will greatly regret what he did when he wakes up.
8. Although he acts like a warrior, it is just the effects of drink. The inspiration of wine makes him act in a way contrary to custom.
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