Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

The nature of timidity
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1. "Would you like to tell me the nature of timidity and the reasons for it?"
2. People with a timid character have big, spiritless eyes and can't move them quickly.
3. They have a disharmony of blood and vital energy, slack muscle tone, and short and small protruding ribs and sternum.
4. They are also characterized by a faulty liver system, a lack of bile, a long gallbladder, and thin and weak intestines and stomach.
5. Liver qi is needed for raging anger.
6. And the qi rises as anger increases.
7. For some people, the liver and lung qi then quickly goes down, so there is not enough for all-out anger.
8. So timid people can't stay angry. This determines their character.
More information, please read Invasion of Pathogenic Factors.
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