Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

Emotional healing
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1. In the Seven Emotioms of the Comments on Ancient and Modern Medical Case Reports, there was a case treated by Zhang Zihe. The wife of Xiang Guanling fell ill. She felt hungry but didn't want to eat. She often shouted and lost her temper. It remained like this for quite a long time, and could not be cured by any mediane. You damned arrant knave! You bloody idiot!
2. Zhang Zihe was sent for. Are there any  special symptoms? The lady used to be amiable.
3. Zhang Zihe asked the husband to have two women dressed as clowns and perform as buffoons.
4. Lady, may you enjoy this entertainment.
5. Ha ha ha ..., You make it like this. . . .
6. I've never had a meal so delicious as this. How about you? I've finished it all. That's strange. Is it that good?
7. They are right. This food is quite delicious.
8. While her bad temper abated with time, the patient's appetite was gradually improved. Before very long the lady regained her health. I'm so sorry. What an outstanding physician Zhang Zihe is!
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