Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

Emotional treatment
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1. In the Comment on Ancient and Modern Case Reports, there is a case in which a woman suffering from excessive contemplation was successively treated by doctor Zhu Danxi. The woman's husband, after their marriage, had been on a business trip for more than 20 years, during which, he did not come back home even once.

2. The wife abandoned herself to a morase condition with no appetite and was not willing to move at all. No medicines had any effect on her.

3. After making the diagnosis, doctor Zhu informed the father of the woman that the patient was suffering from qi stagnation produced by chronic contemplation. He said the symptom could not be treated merely with medicine, and that an emotional treatment method must be applied. Then  what shall I do? It cannot be cured by medicine alone.

4. The father slapped his daughter angrily and rebuked her severely as he had been in structed. Tremendously shocked and enraged, the daughter yelled and cried.

5. The doctor Zhu prescribed a recipe for her and her appetite was quickly enhanced. Then her father, according to the doctor's instruction, told her that a letter had been received from her husband in which he promised to come back soon. Your husband will be back soon. Oh, that's great.

6. The patient recovered thoroughly and the symptoms did not recur again.
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