Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

Psychological therapy
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1. A case successfully treated according to this theory is recorded in the Deserted House Medical Talks of the Qing Dynasty. Li Dajian, a son of a peasant family passed the Civil Service Examination at the provincial level. Old Li, your son passed the examination! What? Speak louder, I can't hear you.
2. His father overjoyed, kept laughing loudly. I'd like to be your service. Ha ha ha....  is that true? Are you sure?
3. Shortly after this, Li Dajian passed another higher imperial examination and became an high official. The laughter of his father, however, was enhanced by the son's achievements and turned into a chronic symptom which lasted for ten years.
4. You should make it this way. . . .
5. Master, I'm terribly sorry to tell you that your son has died.
6. The father, overwhelmed by vast sorrow, yelled and wept for more than ten days. Hislaughter therefore stopped. What! You mean. . . he's dead? Oh, my God.
7. Then the imperial physician told the father that his son had been rescued from death. As the result, the father relieved from sorrow and was not again attacked by his former symptom. Please forgive me, Master, your son did not die. He was very sick, but he was saved and is now thoroughly recovered.
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