Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

Psychological treatment
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1. In the History of the Three Kingdoms there is a case treated by Hua Tuo by using this theory. Having been tortured by a chronic symptom for a
long time, a prefecture head remained in a gloomy mood. Here is the doctor. My illness can't be cured.

2. After the diagnosis was completed, Hua Tuo came to believe that a psychological treatment, namely enraging the patient must be applied in this case. Let's make it like this. . . .

3. Hua Tuo stayed, eating and drinking every day, and demanded a lot of money for his fee. However, he did no serious treatment and did not write even a single prescription.

4. The prefecture head was greatly annoyed. Then, Hua Tuo left without a word, leaving behind him a letter in which he denounced the prefecture head severely. He said you were a corrupt official.

5. Nearly driven berserk by all this, the prefecture head, storming and roaring violently, told his servants to run after Hua Tuo and kill him.

6. Being informed by the servants that the "charlatan" had already escaped beyond reach, he was even more agitated and enraged, and vomited black blood.

7. Before long, he was recovered. It's strange that I'm getting better. His appetite is good enough to finish two bowls of food.

8. I'm now in perfect health. Ha ha. . . .
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9. Anger raises the qi with which the blood flows; when the congealed blood is spitted out he is cured.
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