Using foot massage to treat Menopausal syndrome

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This is a gynecological condition in women over 45 years old with symptoms of dysfunction of endocrinal and vegetative nervous systems due to reduction or total loss of ovarian function.
Differential diagnosis: Patients with kidney Yin deficiency may suffer from retardation of menstruation or amenorrhea, dryness in vagina, dizziness, Tinnitus, Insomnia, dreaminess, itching of skin, hothess in body, sweating, hotness in heart, palms and soles, unreasonable laughing and crying, anger, poor memmory, red tongue with scanty coating, and thready and rapid pulse. And patients with kidney Yang deficiency may suffer from profuse menstrual bleeding or amenorrhea, dark complexion, mental fatigue, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, cold body and limbs, edema of limbs, passage of loose stool, frequent urination or incontinence of urine, pale tongue with white coating, and deep, thready and weak pulse.
Foot massage: The massage is applied to head (1), neck (7), adrenal gland (21), pituitary gland (4), uterus (50), reproductive gland (36), thyroid gland (12), pancreas (17) and coeliac plexus (20) reflecting areas. The foot is held in one hand by the physician and the knuckle of the first interphalangeal joint of the other index finger is used to apply massage 3-4 times (Fig. 86).

Foot acupuncture:
Meridianal acupoints: At Taichong (LR 3), Taixi (KI3) and Zhaohai (KI 6) acupoints, a balanced reinforce-reducing technique is applied and the needles are retained for 15 to 20 minutes. Gentle moxibustion after acupuncture is applied for 10 to 15 minutes to deficient type patients.

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