Using foot massage to treat Prolapse of uterus

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Prolapse of the uterus usually appears after childbirth in women with many children. Mild cases are called vaginocele with prolapse off vaginal wall, and severe cases are called prolapse of uterus with the uterine cervix protruding out of the vaginal orifice. In traditional Chinese medicine this is considered caused by damage to the uterus vessels due to descending spleen qi or a deficiency of the kidney in failing to keep the internal organs in their normal positions.
Differential diagnosis: Patients with descending spleen qi may suffer from prolapse of uterus out of the vaginal orifice, more pronounced when fatigued, spastic sensation in lower abdomen, weakness of limbs, shallow breath, no desire to speak, sallow complexion, pale tongue with thin and white coating, and feeble and thready pulse. And patients with deficiency of kidney may suffer from prolapse of uterus, soreness and weakness of waist and legs, spastic sensation in lower abdomen, frequent urination, dizziness, tinnitus, pink tongue with thin and  white coating, and deep and weak pulse.
Foot  massage: The massage is applied to uterus (50) and vagina (51) reflecting areas with the pad of thumb 3-4 times, or with the medial border of flexed index ginger to scratch or press 3-4 times (Fig. 81).
Foot acupuncture:
Meridianal acupoint: A reinforcing technique of acupuncture with moxibustion is applied at Shuiquan (KI 5) acupoint, the needle is retained for 15-20 minutes, and the moxa cone is changed 3--5 times.
Extennal application of drugs:
1) An adequate amount of hot Shechuangzi (cnidium root) after frying is applied over uterus (50) reflecting area on foot to treat prolapse of uterus with severe pain.

2) Hot paste of Semen Ricini (Bimazi) 60 gm, Folium Artemisiae Argyi (Aiye) 30 gin, Zaoxintu (furnace soil) 60 gm and Hubo (amber) 9 gm is applied to uterus (50) reflecting area on foot.

3) The powder of Radix Polygoni Multiflori (Heshouwu) 30 gm is wrapped in white cloth and put into the cavity of a killed cock 3000 gm in weight, and after it is well cooked by steaming, the chicken meat and soup is eaten and drunk twice. The chicken bone and Heshouwu are then pounded to prepare a paste for application over the uterus (50) and vagina (51) reflecting areas on foot. This method can effectively treat the prolapse of uterus after childbirth for half a month without any complications.

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