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Definition of acne in TCM

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definition of acne in tcmThis disease refers to a chronic inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland and frequently occurs in females and males in adolescence, accompanied often by seborrhea. It can be cured naturally or relieved mostly after adolescence. This disease is a disease of multiple factors and its pathogenesis is still not known completely. Usually, it is believed to be related to the production of free fatty acid in the local area by propionic acne bacillus in the sebaceous under the function of androgen. This disease belongs to the category of "Acne of Lung Wind" and" Acne" in Chinese medicine. The disease can be caused by improper food intake, and excessive intake of greasy and sweat foods, which result in accumulation of heat in the lung and stomach to fumigate the face along the meridians, plus secondary infection of pathogenic wind. It can recur repeatedly in severe conditions to lead to failed function of qi activity, phlegm accumulation and blood stasis. Learn more about Acne treatment, please click to read Acne Pills.
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