Acne TCM Therapy

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How TCM diagnoses acne

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1) Skin rashes mostly occur on the face, in the regions of the forehead, cheek and beside the nose in particular, and also on the upper part of the chest and back and scapula. The basic lesions are sebaceous papules in size of the needle tip and sesame seed, with red color on the border and small black dot on the tip, called "Black Head Acne". If it is squeezed, its tip is seen in black color and yellow and white semi-transparent fat is discharged from its body. There is small pustule on the tip in some cases. After rupture and absorption, temporary pigmentation or small-pitted scar can be left.

2) In some severe cases, there are various forms of lesions, such as inflammatory nodes, cysts, abscess and scars.

3) Seborrhea often exists simultaneously.

4) Because of its slow duration, it can occur repeatedly. After adolescence, it can be cured gradually by itself or relieved. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Acne.

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