Acne TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for acne

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(1) Carp with Garlic and Common bletilla tuber soup
Ingredients: Carp 250g, garlic three heads, common bletilla tuber 15g.
Process: Clean the inside of the carp and cook it with the garlic and common bletilla tuber until it is done. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Acne.

(2) Decoction of Green Bean and Coix Seed
Ingredients: Coix seed 80g, green bean 80g, honey 10g.
Process: Wash the coix seed and green bean clean and put in the pot. Add moderate water and cook it with small fire until it is done. And keep the cover on for a few minutes.

(3) Gruel of lotus leaf, caladium and walnut
Ingredients: Half piece of lotus leaf, caladium 10g, walnut 10g, haw 10g, rice 60g.
Process: Decoct the first four ingredients in water and strain the dregs out of the decoction after they have been boiling. Then put the rice into the decoction to make gruel.

(4) Decoction of Green Bean and Kelp
Ingredients: Kelp 15g, green bean 15g, sweet almond 9g, rose 9g, moderate amount of brown sugar.
Process: Wrap the rose with gauze. Dip the sweet almond in the boiling water and peel them. Dip the kelp in the warm water and get them sliced. Put all the ingredients in the pot and add moderate water to cook the gruel until the green bean is soft. Learn more about Acne treatment, please click to read Acne Pills.

(5) Juice of Carrot and Celery
Ingredients: A big carrot, celery 150g, a small onion,
Process: Wash all the ingredients clean and put them in the juice extractor to get the juice. Take it with an empty stomach every morning.

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