Alopecia Areata TCM Therapy

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Alopecia areata functional exercise

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1) For female, the hair can be black and glossy if life is busy as well as moderate exercise. Instead, for male, the rate of losing hair is higher if his life is tensive and work is busy. Therefore, taking some exercises can eliminate fatigue to take deep breath, such as go for a walk, take relaxation gymnastics and so on.

2) Stimulate the local hyperaemia and improve the circulation of local blood to promote the growth of hair. Insist on taking exercise and massaging, and keep a good mood that alopecia areata would be cured in the near future. Continue to read TCM Diagnosis for Alopecia Areata.

3) Playing Taiji and Qigong can help smooth meridians, blood vessels, lymph and cyclic system,  promote the blood circulation and metabolism and improve the function of heart and lung, thus can treat chronic disease of digestive tract, strengthen the immunity and body fitness, especially all kinds of chronic disease. It is advised to take exercise for half an hour everyday.

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