Alopecia Areata TCM Therapy

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How to prevent alopecia areata

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(1) It is necessary to maintain a happy mood and to avoid vexation, pessimism, depression and anger. It is requested to increase nutrition and keep a diet in varieties, and to correct dietary bias and guarantee sufficient sleep.

(2) Guarantee balanced nutrition intake: About 95% of hair is made of animal protein, which contains in eggs, pork, sardine, sea-tangle, cucumber, black sesame, Sargassum and so on, especially sea-tangle and fish, because sea-tangle contains thyroid hormone which promote the growth of hair. If a person has balanced intake of these food, his hair can be improved and not easy to lose. Salt can promote the growth of hair, but  much intake of it should be avoided.

(3) Keep away from constipation with much vegetable intake. It is necessary to have more grain and fruit intake. It is easy to have constipation and pollute the blood if has less vegetable intake, thus will have impact on hair, even it can accelerate alopecia on the top of head if one has haemorrhoids. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Alopecia Areata.

(4) Quit smoking. Smoking can shrink the blood capillary on the scalp, thus impact the growth of hair. It is forbidden to drink wine and white liquor, especially the hot white liquor, because hot white liquor can produce heat and dampness on the scalp and cause alopecia. As for beer and port wine, drink moderately, liquor intake can be away from the liver two days a week at least.

(5) It can improve the blood circulation of head to massage head, thus can prevent from alopecia areata. The technique should be soft and slow, but, if massage the head with hard technique, such knock head with massage tools, alopecia areata can be caused. At the same time, the hard technic can aggravate alopecia areata by stimulating the secretion of sebaceous gland.

(6) Don't use nylon comb and head brush. Because nylon comb and head brush can produce static electricity, which will have bad stimulation to hair and scalp. Comb made of Chinese littleleaf box and head brush made of bristles are the best choice, they can remove scurf and make the hair shiny, but also can massage scalp and promote the blood circulation.

(7) It is better to wash hair once 2-5 days, at the same time, massage and rub scalp, thus can make the scalp clean, but also can promote the blood circulation of scalp. It should be careful to choose a perm and dry hair with hair drier. The temperature of hair drier is over 100 degrees Celsius, so it would do harm to hair and scalp, so avoid drying hair with hair drier too much. Well, the Marcel liquid has great impact on hair, it will make the hair hurt if the hair is permed for many times.

(8) Don't use alkalinity or strong derosination shampoo. These two kinds of shampoo have strong derosination and dehydration property, it is easy to make the hair dry and scalp thanatosis. It is better to choose the natural shampoo without irritant and acidity according to one's hair quality. Continue to read Causes of Alopecia Areata in TCM.

(9) Moderate air-condition temperature and wind. The warm damp wind and cold wind can be the cause of alopecia and poliosis. It is not good to hair if the air is too dry or too wet.

(10) Pay attention to ventilation of hat and helmet. Hair can't bear heat, It is easy to harm hair if one wears hat or helmet for long,especially the hair around the the hair line which is compressed by the hat or helmet is easy to lose, the pore muscle is easy to be loose. It is necessary to ventilate the hat and helmet, such as putting hollow hat hub or add small hole in hat.

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