Alopecia Areata TCM Therapy

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How TCM diagnoses alopecia areata

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1) This disease can happen in all ages, but mostly in young adults.

2) The skin lesions are characterized by round, ovary or irregular macular loss of hair, in different size and number, with a clear margin, smooth surface andwithout inflammation. The hairs next to the margin of alopecia areas are loose and easy to fall off, and the hairs are thick in the upper part and thin in the lower part.

3) Usually, it happens in the head, and also in the eyebrow and moustache.

4) There are no subjective symptoms.

5) In about 5%- 10% patients, alopecia can proceed gradually or develop swiftly to be a complete alopecia.

6) In a few severe cases, the eyebrow, moustache and armpit hair can all lose, nicknamed general alopecia. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Alopecia Areata.

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