Alopecia Areata TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for alopecia areata

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1) Extract of Cebai and Sangshen
Ingredients: Cebai Ye( Cacumen biotae) 50g, Sangshen(mulberry) 200g, honey 50g
Adminisration: Decoct Cebai Ye in water for 20 minutes, then remove the dregs, add Sangshen and decoct for half an hour with soft fire and remove dregs, then make into extract with honey.
Actions: Clearing away heat and producing the body fluid, expelling wind and growing hair.
Clinical Application: Alopecia areata caused by blood-heat due to wind, accompanied with vertigo and dry mouth.

2) Decoction of Juhua and Hanlian
Ingredients: Flos Chrysanthemi (Juhua) 10g, Rhizoma Coptidis (Huanglian) 5g
Adminisration: Decoct the above drugs in water and drink as tea, several times a day.
Actions: Clearing heat and cooling blood
Clinical Application: Alopecia areata caused by blood-heat due to wind, accompanied with vertigo and dry mouth.

3) Rice gruel with sesame
Ingredients: Sesame powder 20g, Jingmi(polished round-grained rice) 50g, sugar
Adminisration: Cook Jingmi in 500ml water with sugar into gruel, then mix the sesame powder with the gruel evenly, and cook until the gruel is boiling, it is done after braising for 3minutes with lid. Eat it in the morning with empty stomach and eat as supper after warming the gruel.
Actions: Nourishing liver and kidney, profiting spleen and stomach and moistening intestines.
Clinical Application: insufficiency of essence and blood of liver and kidney, vertigo, poliosis, sour waist and knee, dry intestines and constipation, and dry skin.

4) Rice gruel of Sangshen
Ingredients: fresh Sangshen( fresh mulberry) 30g, Sticky rice 50g, crystal sugar
Adminisration: Dip Sangshen in water for a while( or 20g of dried Sangshen), clean the Sangshen, then put Sangshen, sticky rice and crystal sugar into earthenware pot, add 400ml water and cook with soft fire until the gruel is sticky. Eat with empty stomach in the morning, and as meal after warming.
Actions: Tonifying liver and nourishing kidney, moistening Yin and enriching the blood,  moistening intestines and improving eyesight
Clinical Application: Insufficiency of blood-Yin, vertigo, insomnia, tinnitus, hypopsia, poliosis, appearing alopecia areata early.

5) Cake of sesame and Walnut Kernel
Ingredients: Walnut Kernel 50g, Black sesame 20g, flour 500g
Adminisration: Break the semen juglandis and mix with black sesame, bake the cake and spread them on the surface of cake.
Actions: Nourishing blood-Yin
Clinical Application: Alopecia areata due to insufficiency of essence and blood, accompanied with vertigo, tinnitus, soft and strengthless limb

6) Gruel of chestnut and longan
Ingredients: 10 chestnuts( remove hull), Guiyuan rou(dried longan pulp)15g, rice 50g, sugar
Adminisration: Chop chestnuts into pieces, and cook with rice into gruel, add dried longan pulp when the gruel is almost done, add sugar when eating, can eat as breakfast, or eat as you wish.
Actions: Nourishing heart and kidney, profiting waist and knee
Clinical Application: palpitation, insomnia, sour waist and knee and appearing alopecia areata early due to insufficiency of essence and blood of heart and kidney.

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