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What're the folk recipes for anemia

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(1) Tea 5g, Chinese-date 10. Infuse the tea in the boiling water, boil 10 Chinese-date and 10g white sugar in the right amount of water until the Chinese-date is well-done, pour the tea and mix them evenly for eating.

(2) Green tea 1g, dried longan pulp 20g. Stew 500g of dried longan pulp for one hour for reserve. Infuse 20g of died longan pulp and 1g green tea in 400ml boiling water, take it when it is warm in three separate doses, take one dose each day or every other day.

(3) Right amount of duck blood and alcohol. Stew the duck blood until it is well-done, add alcohol (better for Radix Polygoni Multiflori (Heshouwu) wine), take 2-3 spoonful of it each time, twice a day.

(4) Honey. Process: eat 80-100g of honey in three separate doses, The blood cell and hemoglobin are increased obviously after treatment.

(5) Rumicis Madaio Radix 30g, Salvia Miltiorrhiza Radix 15g, endothelium corneum gigeriae galli 10g.
Process: Decoct all the ingredients for two times, then mix the two decoction for drinking in the morning and in the afternoon, one dose a day, 15 doses as a course of treatment. Avoid eating spicy food. This recipe has a good effect for recovery stages of thrombocytopenia and aplastic anemia.

(6) Dried lichee and Chinese–date: 7 dried lichees and Chinese-dates. Decoct them in the water for eating, one dose a day, divide into two times to eat.
Efficiency: To supplement qi and blood. It’s applicable to posthemorrhagic anemia.

(7) Stew Eggs with Caulis Spatholobi: Caulis Spatholobi (Jixueteng) 30g, 2 eggs. Boil Caulis Spatholobi, eggs and two bowl of water, shell the eggs until they are well-done and boil for a while into one bowl of soup, season it with little amount of white granulated sugar for eating, twice a day, the eggs can be eaten and the soup can be drunk.
Efficiency: To invigorate blood circulation and supplement blood, relax tendons and activate collaterals. It’s applicable to irregular menstruation and anemia.

(8) Peanut coat: mash 12 g of peanut coat thoroughly, infuse it with boiling water for drinking, divide into two times to drink.
Efficiency: indicated for patients with aplastic anemia and bleeding.

(9) Hechefen ( Placenta Hominis, powdered): 3 - 6 g for each time, twice daily; indicated for anemia of all kinds.

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