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Definition of night blindness in TCM

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definition of night blindness in tcmNight blindness, also called as "Quemu" or "Quemang", refers to the reduction of adaption to the darkness. In the dark environment, the patients have visual obstacle, difficult action. While in the bright environment and the visual acuity better still, they can see objects as normal. Patients with normal binocular appearance, in insufficient night light, they cannot inspect objects, but their visual ability is as usual. Chinese medicine say that night blindness due to insufficient endowment, or bad rest after illness, so that their livers and kidneys losses greatly. Goose liver in the yard, and pupil link with the kidney, if liver and kidney deficiency, two eyes lost care, so they caught night blindness. Night blindness is an eye disease causes by vitamin A deficiency. Traditional Chinese medicine called it "Quemu" or "Jimangyan". Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Optic Atrophy.
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