Night Blindness TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for night blindness

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1) Carrot (Radix Dauci Carotae) Have just the right amount of carrots washed clean, cut into slices and steamed. Take as much as one pleases.
2) Chicken liver Have one or two chicken livers cooked in water and take it after dipping it in soy sauce, once a day, frequently over a period of time.
3) Shepherd's purse (Herba Capsellae)  Decoct 60g of it for oral use.  It is to be taken twice a day.

4) Sweet Potato Leaf Cooked with Sheep Liver (Hongshuye Zhu Yanggan)
INGREDIENTS:Fresh tender sweet potato leaf, Foliura Ipomoeae Batatis l00g
Sheep (or goat) liver, 90g
PROCESS: Have the sweet potato leaves and sheep liver cooked together in water (don't cook them too long).
DIRECTIONS: Take it once a day, for 5 to 7 days successively.

5) Recipe of Bat's Feces and Pork Liver (Yemingsha zhugan Fang)
Pork liver (cut into bits) 90 to120g
Bat’s feces, Excrementum Vespertilii , 15g
PROCESS: Make decoction with bat's feces; remove the dregs from it and scald the pork liver with the boiling decoction.
DIRECTIONS: Drink the decoction and eat the liver Take a dose a day and 2 to 3 doses successively. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Optic Atrophy.

6) Recipe of Spinach, Pipewort and Sheep Liver (Bocai Gujingcao Ranggan Fang)
Spinach, Herba Spinaciae, 500g
Sheep liver, 1
pipewort, Flos Eriocauli, 15g
PROCESS: Make decoction with the above ingredients.
DIRECTIONS: Eat the liver and drink the decoction. Take a dose a day, and 3 to 4 doses successively.

7) Recipe of Celosia Seed and Black Chinese-date ( Qingxiangzi Heizao Fang)
Black Chinese-date, Fructus Ziziphi Jujubae Praeparatae, 500g
Celosia seed, Semen Celosiae, 100g
Honey, Mel 500g
PROCESS: Have the celosia seeds decocted in water, take out the extract every 20 minutes, then add water to decoct them again; put together the extract obtained at three times; boil the black Chinese-date in the extract until they are thoroughly done; when the remaining extract is boiling dry, add honey and mix them thoroughly.
DIRECTIONS Put the mixture in bottle for later use. Take 15g each time, once a day. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Optic Atrophy.

8) Recipe of Fish Liver and Egg (Yugan oTidan Fang)
Fish liver (rid of the gallbladder), 1
Egg (hen's), 2
Fermented soya bean, Semen Sojae Fermentum, 15g
PROCESS: Make decoction with the above ingredients.
DIRECTIONS: Take the decoction, eggs and all, after they are done.

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