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Definition of child anorexia in TCM

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definition of child anorexia in tcmAnorexia, a commonly-encountered disease of the spleen and stomach, is clinically marked by relatively prolonged poor appetite and dislike of eating. The disease ineludes "nervous anorexia" in modern medicine. The attack of anorexia has no marked seasonal feature, but it is  worsened in summer because of the summer-heat and damphess. Its prognosis is favorable. However, if the course of  disease is long, and improper care is given, dysfunction of the spleen in transportation and transformation will occur,ding to qi and blood deficiency. In this case, the patients are susceptible to other diseases ,even development of infantile malnutrition. Continue to learn Chinese Medicine Treatment for Infant Anorexia.
During the infancy, the spleen is often deficient whilethe stomach is small and weak. Improper diet and prolonged food preference, preference to beeen-meal nibbles, irregular ingestion, excessive intakefat, sweet and tonic foods impair the splenogastric functions in transportation and transformation, giving rise to anorexia; suffering from many diseases and chronic diseases, or improper care after recovery impairs the receiving, transformating and transportating functions of the spleen and stomach, causing anorexia; the failure to nurse and protect the congenitally weak zang organs, especially the spleen and stomach, may also result in anorexia; besides, abnormal emotional activities cause the liver qi to invade the spleen, or excessive thinking impairs the spleen, all giving rise to anorexia.
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