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What are the symptoms of child anorexia

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1. Splenic dysfunction in transportation
Main symptoms: Poor appetite, ingestion without taste, aversion to feeding, eructation, nausea, chest distress, epigastric fullness, unsmooth defecation,light-red tongue with whitish or thin and greasy coating, soft and slow pulse.

2. Deficiency of the stomach yin
Main symptoms: Poor appetite, dry mouth with preference to drink, dry skin, constipation, scanty and dark urine, dysphoria with insomnia in some infants, feverish palms and soles, red tongue with little fluid, a little or peeled coating or and thready pulse. Continue to learn Chinese Medicine Treatment for Infant Anorexia.
3. Qi deficiency of the speen and stomach
Main symptoms: Poor appetite without desire for speaking, lustreless or sallow complexion, emaciation, profuse stool with undigested food, enlarged and tender tongue with pale colour, whitish and thin coating, slow and feeble pulse.

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