Child Anorexia TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for child anorexia

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1. Appropriately increase the time of outdoor activities, let the children join labour in their powder and slight housework and take part in physical exercises, thus can consume energy and promote the secretion of digestive juice to improve appetite and promote digestion and absorption.

2. Let the children take part in more physical exercises, such as running, playing games and so on. The appetite will improve as the increasing exercise.

3. The atmosphere should be relaxing, joyful and active before meal. When preparing meals, take the children to buy ingredients and let children do what they can do, such as peel beans, pick vegetables and so on. The parents can also let children put their bowl and spoon before meals to develop their interest to do housework on purpose, thus the children will think the dishes they made is more delicious and improve their enthusiasm to eat. Continue to learn Chinese Medicine Treatment for Infant Anorexia.

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