Child Anorexia TCM Therapy

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How to prevent child anorexia

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1. Reasonable feeding and help to form a good dietary habit from infant. It is the best to feed the infant within 4 months with breast milk. Because relevant research shows that the children fed with pure breast milk have less anorexia. Complementary feeding should be reasonable and be in order, don't go off at half cock. The diet for children should take staple and nonstaple food as main food, don't need to add extra nutritious foods. Don't make up the insufficiency of children's nutrition with restoratives, the parents should tell the children the taste and nutrition value of all kinds of foods.  

2. Develop the children a good dietary habit. From the period of infant, the parents should feed the children in a fixed time with fixed quantity, usually children have three meals a day, the interval of two meals is about 4-5 hours; four meals a day for infants, the interval of two meals is 3-4 hours. Thus can make the children feel hungry and stimulate the normal secretion of gastric juice. The parents should develop the infant the ability of feeding themselves from one year old to improve their interest of eating. Continue to learn Chinese Medicine Treatment for Infant Anorexia.
3. Develop the children a good dietetic hygiene habit. Take meal in fixed time, don't eat snack before meals, including drinks, because the increasing blood sugar will have impact on appetite. Eat fruits after meals. The parents should try to change the types of food often with meat and vegetables, don't be the same everyday. Animal food contains more zinc and should have some proportion of the deit.

4. The food should be light and soft, rich in nutrition and easy to be digested. It is forbidden to have raw, cold, oily food  and other food which is hard to be digested.

5. Control intake of snack. Don't let children eat too much snack and drinks. TCM thinks that sweet food makes a person feel full. Fruit juice contains high sugar, it is easy to make children's stomach greasy and stagnant spleen after drinking, what's more, children can gain energy from the drinks, thus will have impact on normal meals and form apositia as time goes. Therefore, it is essential to control the intake of snack and drinks, when necessary, the parents can let the children eat some dry and fresh fruits, yoghourt or fresh fruit juice.

6. Comfortable environment. It is better to choose a stable and quiet place with relaxing atmosphere to have meals, because relaxing mood can make excite the feeding pivot in cerebral cortex to promote appetite. The parents should have meals with the children and educate them to focus their minds, chew carefully and swallow carefully and not eat while playing. The parents can't lesson the children, nor play with children when having meals. It is better to tempt them to eat not to force them to eat when the children are refused to eat. It is useful to let children eat some hawthorn and other sour fruits to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice before meals. When necessary, parents can let children take multienzyme pills to help digestion.

7. Let the anorectic children have meals with other children, this is useful to promote appetite.

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