Chloasma TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for chloasma

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(1) Drink of Haw
Process: Get moderate haw and orange peel to cook in water; strain the dregs with gauze to get the decoction; season with the honey and serve; it can be taken often and is helpful to eliminate tache and it is applicable to the tache and lentigo on the face. 

(2) Thick Soup of Ewe’s Milk
Ingredients: Ewe’s milk 250ml, 2 eggs, crystal sugar 50g and moderate water.
Process: Melt the crystal sugar in water, add the ewe’s milk to cook till it is boiling; add the eggs and mix them up and serve; it can be taken often and is helpful to nourish the qi of middle-jiao energy and six zang and moisten the skin; it is applicable to the murky grey complexion and the chloasma and lentigo on the face.

(3) Job’s-tears Soup
Ingredients: A pair of pig kidneys, yam 100g, polished round-grained rice 200g and the job’s-tears 50g.
Process: Remove the fascia of the pig kidney and chop it; peel the yam and cook it with the other ingredients with low fire till the gruel is done; season and serve; to be taken in several times; it is helpful to nourish the kidney and beautify the skin; it is applicable to the skin with the patch and tache.

(4) Juice for Beauty
Ingredients: Pear 100g, sugarcane 200g, grape 300g and honey 100g.
Process: Rinse the pear, sugarcane and grape, stir them to get the juice and mix it with the honey for later use; take 10ml of it each time with the boiling water in the morning and night.
It is helpful to clear away the heat in the lung and nourish the five zang and six fu.
It is applicable to the murky grey complexion with the tache and freckle.

(5) Lemon and Crystal Sugar Juice
Press the lemon to get the juice and add in moderate crystal sugar. There is plenty of vitamin C in lemon and 100g of lemon contain 50 milligram of vitamin C; besides, there are the calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B, etc. in the lemon. A regular drinking of the lemon juice is not only helpful to whiten the skin, prevent from the aging of the skin heart and eliminate the stain on the face but also to prevent the arteriosclerosis.

(6) Angelica, Ginger and Mutton Soup
Get 15g of Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Danggui), 30g of ginger and 500g of mutton; cut the mutton into pieces and cook them in water for the soup; season with the salt and chopped green onion; to be taken in 2-3 times.

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