Chloasma TCM Therapy

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How to prevent chloasma

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1) Protect the skin from the solarization! The solarization can increase the activity of melanin which will cause the increased amount of melanin in the basal layer of the epidermis; and the patches are formed under this condition.

2) Avoid all kinds of ionizing radiation! Those include all kinds of display screen with glass bulb, fluorescent lamp, X-ray machine, ultraviolet irradiation apparatus, etc. All these harmful stimulation can cause the aftereffect just like those due to the solarization or even worse; it will aggravate the patches.

3) Avoid using the "Suxiao Quban Shuang" which contains the harmful materials such as the hormone, lead, mercury, etc. It has serious side effects and will lead to the disfigurement.
4) Keep a good living habit and good mood; have a scientific diet which mainly contain the fresh vegetables and food with high protein and low fat; besides, eat more fruits, keep cool and drink more boiling water to supplement the body fluid; give up the bad habits such as smoking, drinking, sit up, etc.

5) Eat more vegetables and fruits such as the tomato, cucumber, strawberry, peach, etc.
6) The bean products and the animal liver have a certain supplementary effect for eliminating the chloasma.

7) Pay attention to take rest and enough sleeping; the insufficient sleep easily cause the black rim of eye and make the skin black.

8) Avoid taking irritative food especially the coffee, coke, strong tea, cigarettes, wine, etc. as it easily makes the skin aging; the more people take the quicker the aging is; those food may cause the melanin floating on the skin and enlarge and deepen the tache.

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