Chloasma TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for chloasma

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1) Strengthen the skin function. Wash the face with the cold and warm water alternatively; take it in the morning and night and each time for about 10 minutes; 10 times to be taken alternatively; the temperature of the cold water should be around the 15 degree Celsius and the temperature of the warm water should be around the 45 degree Celsius.
2) Qigong therapy is an old method for life cultivation. It dredges the meridians, regulates the qi-blood, harmonize the Zangfu and balance the yin and yang via the methods of the "Yindao (guiding)" "Tuna (inhaling and exhaling)", "Tiaoshen(regulating the nerve)", "Tiaoxi(Regulating the breathing)", "Tiaoxing (Regulating the body)", etc. Then the purpose of beautifying the skin and eliminating the tache can be gained.

3) Insist on taking proper outdoor exercises.

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