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How TCM diagnoses chloasma

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1) It usually occurs on the cheekbone, forehead and around the mouth; the shape of it usually like a butterfly so it is also called the "Butterfly Patches".
2) The color of it likes the dirt at the beginning which will deepen gradually; at last, the color will turns into the light dust color or puce.
3) With indefinite size and clear edge; with a smooth surface; without the inflammation reflection, pain and itches.
4) Cyasma is common in the pregnant women and those who are taking oral contraceptives. It belongs one kind of the chloasma.

5) Women who are suffering from the chloasma usually have the menstrual disorder, breast distention before menstruation or the chronic symptoms.

6) Men who are suffering from the chloasma usually have the impotence, early injection, the functional disorder of the stomach and intestine, etc.

7) The patches due to the solarization are also a kind of the chloasma.

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