Prevention for Chronic Diseases TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for chronic diseases

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1) Roughage is rich in dietary fiber, which can dilute the toxin in the intestinal tract, especially in the colon, promote bowel movement and maintain intestinal health. In recent years, some researches have proved that dietary fiber can enhance the full abdomen feeling, reduce calorie intake to prevent obesity. 

2) Soybean, which is rich in vegetable protein, is the best source of protein, because when getting animal protein, people will be inevitable to get the cholesterol. The research has already proved that soybean and its products can effectively reduce the blood pressure levels and the isoflavone contained in the soybean is beneficial to the regulation of lipid metabolism.

3) The normal people should keep cooking oil intake within 25-30g and salt intake within 6g every day, because excessive oil intake can cause hyperlipemia, overweight or even obesity and increase the risk of suffering from various chronic diseases, and the excessive salt intake can cause hypertension, which is the risk cause of diabetes, apoplexy and other chronic disease.

4) Tea is the best natural traditional Chinese medicine formula endowed from nature. The research has already proved that drinking tea can effectively reduce blood fat, blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood, to prevent the occurrence of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, because tea contains tea polyphenol, especial the catechin, which has the strong effect of reducing blood fat and protect blood capillary.
Green tea: Main efficiency: To reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, inhibit cancer cell growth, prevent hypertension, hyperlipaemia or even tumour.
Pu'er tea: Main efficiency: To reduce blood fat, blood pressure, blood sugar and prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Coronary Arteriosclerotic Cardiopathy.

5) Chestnut, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin and minerals, has the effect of preventing and treating hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis and other diseases. So, it is quite suitable for the elderly. It’s better to eat air drying chestnut. Do not eat too much once. Eat raw chestnut with chewing and swallowing for treating diseases of waist and legs. People also can fry, boil and make the chestnut into powder, mixing with sugar and light amount of milk and cheese for eating. Stewing chestnut with ginkgo, season it with lily for eating is the best tonic in the autumn and winter. But patients with spleen-stomach vacuity, dyspepsia and fullness in the stomach duct and abdomen should not eat chestnut too much.

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