Prevention for Chronic Diseases TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for chronic diseases

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(1) Basic activities everyday should be equivalent to about 2000 steps' walk. Take 1000 steps as basic unit. The activity is equivalent to riding for 7 minutes, mopping the floor for 8 minutes, walking in the medium speed for 10 minutes or practicing Tai Chi for 8 minutes. 

(2) Take a variety of activities, which benefit both body and mind, such as traveling, swimming, climbing mountains, playing chess, etc,

(3) Adult health-related sports can be divided into aerobic endurance exercises, muscle strength trainings, and joint flexibility exercises. The aerobic exercises include cycling, swimming, walking, jogging and so on. The muscle strength trainings can be completed through dumbbell and fitness equipments. The joint flexibility exercises are practiced though joint flexion, extension and rotation. 

(4) Aerobic exercises can improve heart and lung function, lower blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar level, increase insulin sensitivity, improve glucose and lipid metabolism, regulate endocrine system, improve bone mineral density (BMD), and reduce fat accumulation in the body. Long-term insistence to practice aerobic exercises can reduce the risks of coronary heart disease (CHD), apoplexy, type 2 diabetes. Muscular training can make the bones, joints and muscles stronger. These exercises help to delay the physical motor functions decline. Recently, some research found that reasonable exercises can reduce stress, give people a sense of exhilaration, relieve anxiety and depression, etc. In addition, skeletal muscle has the effect of metabolic regulation, preventing the occurrence and delaying the progress of diabetes, obesity and other diseases. Continue to learn Chinese medicine treatment for Colitis.

(5) Select a uniform thickness of small stick, such as matchstick or rolled paper. Caution: When practicing each movement, you should take a deep breath at the same time. Each movement can be calculated with 15 deep breaths. A.Make a fist with both hands relatively, clip the small stick between the fingertips of both little fingers and squeeze with force. Main efficiency: To treat stenocardia, prevent coronary heart disease and other diseases. B. Stretch the palms with the palms facing inward and five fingers stretched, then apply digital pricking manipulation from the top to the palm along the ring fingers. Main efficiency: To treat dreaminess, palpitation, etc. Frequently stimulating it can lower rates of heart disease. C. Stretch the palms with the palms facing inward and five fingers stretched, then apply digital pricking manipulation along with the transverse palm print of the four fingers in the palm from top to bottom. Main effective: To prevent cardiovascular disease and hypertension by stimulating hands.

(6) Make a fist with both hands and press fist for preventing the cardiovascular disease: Stimulate the acupoints of heart channel of Hand Shaoyin to reduce the morbidity of cardiovascular diseas

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