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How to prevent chronic diseases

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(1) Have a regular examination. Patients don't go to hospital for treatments until the chronic diseases become severe, because the clinical chronic diseases are difficult to be found due to the mild symptoms and prolonged courses in the early stage. So, people need to have a regular examination so as to early detection and early treatment to prevent aggravation of the diseases and the occurrence of the complications.

(2) Advocate the healthy lifestyle. Avoid drinking and smoking, eating excessive fat, stimulating foods and salt; eat many vegetables and fruits; take a appropriate physical exercises; get vaccination, such as hepatitis B vaccine for preventing liver cancer, influenza vaccine and pneumonic vaccine for preventing the recurrence of chronic bronchitis, chronic pulmonary disease and diabetes complication.

(3) Prevent chronic disease. The experts point out that in order to prevent chronic diseases, the following four acquired factors should be taken up, i.e. quit smoking and drinking, paying attention to have a proper diet and habits, eating some roughage. The microelement, which is contained in the roughage without high sugar and high fat, is essential to human body.

(4) The fowling rice diets are very suitable to patients with chronic diseases: Red Bean and Rice, Peanut, Oat and Rice Gruel. These foods can ensure the adequate supply of nutrients, such as vitamin B, minerals and protein, while reducing the intake of animal foods. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Diabetes.

(5) Add some green peas, orange coloured carrots, yellow niblets in the rice when cooking, which can supplement vitamins and carotenoids to prevent eye aging. Combining purple rice, black rice, red rice with white rice for eating can supply large amount of antioxidants like anthocyanin to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

(6) Coordinate the activities of chronic diseases intervention organized by medical and health unit so as to effectively apply the knowledge what already know to prevent chronic disease in the real life. For example, since the Northern Karelia program carried out in Finland in 1972, after 25 years later, the number of male smokers has declined in the region, the diet style has changed, and the serum cholesterol and blood pressure levels have reduced. At the same time, in the Northern Karelia, the mortality of cardiovascular diseases (among the 35-64 year-old male) has declined by 68%, the coronary heart disease mortality has fell by 73%, the cancer mortality has declined by 44%, and lung cancer mortality has dropped by 71%. The analysis shows that the decline of mortality rate of coronary heart disease is manly caused by the changes of major risk factors of the population level and the changes of diet style, which is the most important factor. Therefore, the activities of intervention are the most effective measures of preventing chronic diseases. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Gout.

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