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What are the symptoms of chronic diseases

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The unhealthy style of living is the most important pathogenic factor of chronic diseases. In 1993, WHO experts point out that the die styles of the developing country is similar to that of the developed country and the lifestyle diseases will become the first killer in the world after about 20 years. Lifestyle diseases are caused by bad habits, which inducing many harm to health. For example, smoking and improper diet can not only cause heart disease, apoplexy, hypertension, but also increase the morbidity of colon cancer and gastric cancer. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Gastric Cancer.

The natural history of disease is the entire process, from occurrence, development and result of the disease without any treatment and intervention, whether the pathogenesis of the disease is confirmed or not. The natural history of disease can be divided into three stages: early stage, acute stage, later stage of onset of the disease.

At the early stage of disease, although the disease doesn’t attack, there are a variety of potential risks factors, for example, higher serum cholesterol, which is a risk factor of coronary heart disease (CHD); smoking is a risk factor of lung cancer; obesity is a risk factor of diabetes. The disease symptom at the early stage may also include some kind of the physiological and pathological changes, such as vascular atherosclerosis. At the acute stage of disease, various extents of symptoms occur on the clinic manifestation. At the later stage of disease, the result may be recovery or death or sequelae and even physical disability and so on. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Lung Cancer.

At every stage of natural history of disease, doctor can take measures to prevent the onset or worsen of the disease. So, according to the natural history of disease, the preventions can be divided into three levels: the first prevention is pathogenesis prevention; the secondary prevention is "three early preventions", i.e. early finding, early diagnosis and early treatment; the tertiary prevention is symptomatic treatment, disability prevention and rehabilitation work strengthen. This is the three preventions of the disease.

The first prevention is also known as primary prevention, which takes measures according to pathopoiesia factors (or risk factors). The first prevention, which is also a fundamental measure for preventing the occurrence of disease and eliminating the diseases, includes self-health protection and health education. The self-health protection refers to taking some intervention at the early stage of the disease in order to enhance people’s physique and health. Health education means through the means of education, encouraging people to adopt the initiative behaviors benefit to the health to eliminate the risk factors, prevent disease and promote health.

Before the causative agent or mechanism is not clear or has not yet appeared, healthy people should try their best to take various measures to maintain good health, which is also called "the original prevention" or "original rank of prevention", which is the core of the first prevention in the three prevention of disease. The first prevention also includes environmental protection and improvement, which is aimed at ensuring in people’s production and living zones, the air, water and water must be protected against industrial residues (the "three wastes") pollution, i.e., poison gas, waste water and solid waste, and the living residues (the "three wastes") pollution, i.e. excrement, sewage, garbage, pesticide, chemical fertilizer and so on.

The secondary prevention, which is also known as the "three early preventions", is the major measure to prevent or relieve disease at the acute stage of the disease. In order to ensure the implementation of "three early prevention", some measures can be adopted, such as general investigation, screening, regular health examination, major project examination of high-risk groups and the establishment of special clinic and other measures. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Diabetes.

The tertiary prevention mainly refers to symptomatic treatment, deteriorative prevention, adverse effect of disease decrease, recurrence and metastasis prevention, and complication and disability prevention. For people who lost labor or be disabled, the rehabilitation therapy can promote their physical and mental rehabilitation as early as possible and regain working capability to achieve to have a disease but healthy body and be disabled but useful, so as to save their capability to create spiritual value and social labor value.

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