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Definition of chronic lumber strain in TCM

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definition of chronic lumber strain in tcmLumbar strain refers to the accumulated chronic injury of muscle, fascia, ligament, bone and joint in the waist. It is a commonly encountered disease resulting in chronic lumbago. A long term of exertion of the waist or bending over as well as a long-term unfavorable posture of the waist may cause strain of lumbar muscle, fascia and ligament or chronic laceration or blockage of stagnant blood, resulting in long-standing lumbago. If an acute lumbar sprain and contusion has not been treated timely and effectively, it may become a chronic lumbago. When a constitutionally weak person with insufficiency of kidney qi is invaded by exogenous pathogenic wind, cold and dampness that block the tendons and meridians, it will lead to chronic lumbago. Such congenital lumbosacral deformities as sacralization of lumbus vertebrae, lumharization of sacral vertebrae, subfissure of sacral spine and free spinal processes may cause abnormality of starting and ending points of muscles or imbalance movement of the lumbus, hence resulting in strain. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbago.
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