Chronic Lumber Strain TCM Therapy

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How TCM diagnoses chronic lumber strain

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(1) There is a history of acute lumbar injury or lumbar exertion.

(2) The patient has lumbago, which is sometimes relieved and sometimes worsened, mostly of dull nature and repeated attack. The pain is alleviated by rest and aggravated by exertion. A moderate activity or a change of posture may alleviate it. The patient has difficulty in doing work bending the lumbus. If he bends his back over with an effort, the lumbago will get more serious. The patient likes pounding his waist with two hands. And the pain is usually related to climatic changes.

(3) Generally the appearance of spine is normal and there is no trouble in flexion and extension. The tenderness spots are mostly on the sacral iliac muscles, posterior portion of iliac crest or ending point of lumbodorsal muscle posterior to the sacrum, sometimes at the spinal process or on the inter spinous portion. In the severe case of serious pain there is a slight limitation of activity. Nervous system examination is negative and raising test of the straightened leg is also negative. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbago.

(4) X-ray film can reveal straightening of lumbar spine, scoliosis of hyperosteogeny of lumbar spine. In a few cases of congenital deformities, sacralization of lumbar vertebrae, lumbarization of sacral vertebrae and bifid spine may be found.

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