Chronic Lumber Strain TCM Therapy

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How to prevent chronic lumber strain

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(1) People should correct sitting position, improve working environment, avoid bending the waist for a long time, do preparation before exercise or working,  use broadband to protect the waist when taking strenuous exercise, take exercises frequently and combine exertion with rest, etc.

(2) Females should pay attention to keep their waist warm. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbago.

(3) For females who suffering massive menses, coldness on the waist and less sexual desire, they should regulate and nourish their kidney and tonify the kidney-yin to strengthen resistance of the body.

(4) Wearing shoes with too high heels would make the waist tired easily, so people who have to standing or walking for a long time should avoid wearing high- heel shoes as less as possible.

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