Cirrhosis TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for cirrhosis

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1) Fry Viviparid Meat with Mushroom (Mogu Chao Luorou)
INGREDIENTS: Viviparid meat(90g), Mushroom(250g), Shredded ginger and chopped green onion(right amount)

PROCESS:  1)Select large viviparid and raise them in the clean water in order to remove the muddiness, boil in the water for a while, then remove the shell and take the viviparid meat; wash mushroom clean and get rid of muddiness in the root, then blanch in the water and drain it. 2)Pour oil into a pot, add shredded ginger first, then add viviparid meat to fry until it is well-done; then fry mushroom in anther oil pot, add flavorings and wine to fry for a while, then add prepared viviparid meat to fry for a while, add chopped green onion to fry with wet starch thicken until they are even.
Efficiency: To tonify qi and spleen, eliminate dampness and remove jaundice. It’s applicable to early hepatocirrhosis with spleen insufficiency or acute icterohepatitis with damp-heat, manifested as poor appetite, jaundice, short urine and other symptoms. Attention: This recipe is contraindicated for patients with deficiency-cold of spleen and stomach.

2) Steam Crucian with Clam (Qingge Zheng Jiyu)
INGREDIENTS: Crucian(300g), Live clam (about 500g),1; Fresh milk(100ml), Caraway(50g), Refined salt(right amount), Cooking wine(25ml), White sugar, rice vinegar and aginomoto(right amount), Green onion, ginger(25g respectively), Starch(15g), Chicken consommé(750ml), Cooked chicken oil(10ml), Vegetable oil(200ml0

PROCESS: Remove the scales, gills and internal organs from the crucian and wash it clean, make two inclined slits in the back of crucian with a knife, then smear water starch to the two side of the crucian. Put vegetable oil into a pan and heat it over a strong fire until fairly hot, add the crucian into the pan and fry both sided of it for a while, then add chicken consommé, cooking wine, refined salt, green onion and ginger into the pan, boil over a strong fire for about 15 minutes, get rid of the floating foam and green onion and ginger, then steam and boil over a slow fire.
Wash clam clean with small brush and add into the pan to steam with crucian. Until the crucian and clam is well-done, season it with aginomoto, white sugar and fresh milk, sprinkle cooked chicken oil and put it into a fish plate, prepare a saucer of ginger powder and vinegar, and another saucer of caraway powder.

Efficiency: To nourish yin and promote diuresis, tonify liver and kidney. It’s applicable to hepatocirrhotic ascites with deficiency of liver-yin syndrome, causing large abdomen as a drum, abdominal distension, poor appetite, edema in the lower limbs, fatigue, feverish palms and soles, without coating in the tip of the tongue. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Cirrhosis.

3) Wax Gourd Gruel (Donggua Zhou)
INGREDIENTS: Fresh wax gourd (with peel),150g; Polished round-grained rice and rice(100g)
PROCESS: Wash wax gourd clean and cut into small cubes, boil with polished round-grained rice into gruel, continuously take it for 10 days. This recipe is applicable to patients with ascites, accompanied with scanty dark urine, dry and hard stool, thirst and poor appetite. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Cirrhosis.

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