Cirrhosis TCM Therapy

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What are the symptoms of cirrhosis

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1. Liver qi Stagnation and Spleen Deficiency
Chief Manifestations: Abdominal distension which is mild in early morning and severe in late afternoon and is aggravated after intake of food, lassitude, emotional depression, yellow and lusterless complexion, impaired appetite, swollen tongue with white greasy coating, and wiry, even-soft and forceless pulse.

2. Blood Stagnation in the Liver and Spleen
Chief Manifestations: Papable mass in the left hypochondrium, red threads on the cheeks, red marks on the thenar eminence, red nevi on the arms, dark and lusterless complexion, occasional stabbing and distending pain in the hypochondrium, dark purple tongue or with ecchymosis, and deep, wiry and unsmooth pulse.

3. Accumulation of Damp Heat
Chief Manifestations: A large, hard and full abdomen, abdominal distension and tenderness, protruding umbilicus in severe cases, hot sensation, jaundice in the skin and sclera, feverish sensation with restlessness, bitter taste and foul breath, thirst with a desire to drink, constipation or loose stools, red tongue with yellow and greasy coating, smooth and rapid pulse. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Cirrhosis.

4. Obstruction of Meridians by Blood Stasis
Chief Manifestations: A large, hard and full abdomen, varicose veins of abdominal wall, severe pain in the abdomen and hypochondrium, dimish black or darkish grey complexion, red spots or threads on the head, neck, chest and abdomen, dark purple lips, tarry stools, scanty and dark yellow urine, purple-red tongue or with petechia and ecchymosis, hypoglossal varicose veins, thin yellow and greasy tongue coating, and thready and unsmooth pulse.

5. Deficiency of Liver Yin and Kidney Yin
Chief Manifestations: A large, distended and full abdomen with the skin tightly stretched, thin limbs, dimish black complexion, afternoon fever, restlessness, dry lips and mouth, insomnia, dreamfulness, nasal bleeding, atrophy of the gum, red tongue with little coating, and wiry, thready and rapid pulse.

6.Deficiency of Spleen Yang and Kidney Yang
Chief Manifestations: Distended and full abdomen which feels like a bag full of water and looks like the abdomen of a frog in a supine position, edema of the lower limbs, cold limbs, lusterless complexion, stuffiness in the epigastrium, impaired appetite, pale tongue, and thready pulse. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Cirrhosis.

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