Cirrhosis TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for cirrhosis

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(1) Insisting on walking is a good way to self-training. Patient can walk indoors first, then walk outdoor for about 20 minutes.

(2) If possible, patient can appropriately arrange time to merge in the nature, have a travel to the natural scenery, which are beneficial to the body and mind. Trees, flowers, and fresh air can not only make people expansive, relaxed and cheerful, but also eliminate morbidness and promote health. It’s better to have a intermittent walk without hurry. Continue to read Causes of Cirrhosis in TCM.

(3) In the stage of abundant compensatory function and stable condition of the disease, patient can do some light works, appropriate activities or some beneficial physical exercises, such as walking, health exercises, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc. The exercises volume should not be overlarge.

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