Cirrhosis TCM Therapy

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How to prevent cirrhosis

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(1) Follow the principles of low-fat, high protein, high vitamin, high carbohydrate, non-stimulating and digestible. Have a diet on time, quantificationally and temperately. In the early stage of the disease, eat more soy products, fruits, fresh vegetables, and properly eat sugar, egg, fish and lean meat.

(2) When the liver functions are significantly declined and accompanied with premonitory hepatic coma, the intake of protein should be controlled and promote low-salt or salt-avoiding diet. The intake of salt should not be exceed 1-1.5g every day and the intake of water should within 2000ml. When suffering from severe ascites, patient should intake less than 500mg of salt and 1000ml of water. Avoid eating spicy, stimulating foods and hard, raw and cold foods, overheating foods to prevent bleeding.

(3) Prohibit against alcohol, avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods, raw, cold, greasy, fishy, salty-cold foods. In addition, it’s not suitable to eat egg yolk, because the fat and cholesterol, which are contained in the egg yolk, are harmful to the patient's conditions. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Cirrhosis.

(4) Emotional stability: The liver has a very close relationship with the spirit and emotion. Poor mood, depression and irritability can affect the liver functions and accelerate the development of the pathological changes. It’s beneficial to the patient’s condition improvements that establish a strong will, keep a cheerful mood, keep up spirits, and eliminate the thought burden.

(5) Prevent actively: Hepatocirrhosis is a substantial degeneration of the liver and a consequence of gradual development induced by various causes. Patients should pay attention to prevent and cure carious protopathies, prevent and treat actively chronic hepatitis, schistosomiasis, alimentary infection, avoid contract and apply the toxic substances on the liver, and reduce the pathogenic factors.

(6) Using medicines for simple: Abusing generalized medicines blindly will increase the burden of the liver, thus, it’s not conducive to the recovery of the liver. The medicines, such as isoniazide and barbital, which are bad for liver, should be used cautiously or contraindicated. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Cirrhosis

(7) Alternate work and rest, take appropriate physical exercises and physical labors for half an hour a day until sweat slightly, in order to strengthen physique and ensure the normal qi and blood circulation.

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