Nocturnal Emission TCM Therapy

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How TCM diagnoses nocturnal emission

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(1) If emission of semen occurs in married males ore than once a week, and often during sleep without exual activities, or if the unmarried have seminal emission more than twice a week, accompanied by tinnitus,vertigo, lassitude, soreness of loins and knees which persist for over a month, these can be indicative of the disease.

(2) Rectum digital examination, ultrasonography B over he prostate and seminal fluid examination can help etermine the diagnosis.

(3) Spermatorrhea should be distinguished from verflow of seminal fluid and premature ejaculation.Overflow of seminal fluid is a physiological phenomenon here the unmarried or the healthy man who has not had exual intercourse for a long time has seminal emission nce or twice a month without any indisposition or other ymptoms he following day. Premature ejaculation refers o the early ejaculation of sperm during sexual activity and nability to carry on sexual intercourse. Continue to learn Chinese medicine Treatment for Nocturnal Emission.

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