Nocturnal Emission TCM Therapy

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How to prevent nocturnal emission

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(1) After spermatorrhea, patients should take a related examination under the guidance of the doctor, find out the pathogenesis, and treat timely.

(2) Have a regular life. Rich your life, do some outdoor activities, physical exercises, which can obviously ameliorate patients’ condition of spermatorrhea. If patients have more free time, they also can develop some interests and hobbies, such as playing ball, chess, etc., or concentrate on learning and working.

(3) Avoid adopting a supine position when sleeping, and do not wear tight underwear, give up smoking and drinking, avoid eating spicy or some stimulating foods. Pay attention to wash the coronary sulcus of penis, smegma, which stimulate the penis and easily lead to spermatorrhea. If having some reproductive system diseases, such as prostatitis, vesiculitis, phimosis, redundant prepuce, balanitis, etc., patients must go to the hospital timely for treatment.

(4) Eliminate distracting thoughts. Do not read pornographic painting, video, film, television, give up masturbation, take physical activities appropriately, physical work and recreational activities to enhance physical fitness and edify the sentiment. Continue to learn TCM Treatment Evaluation for Nocturnal Emission.

(5) Early to bed and early to rise. Avoid smoking and drinking. Drink less tea, coffee, and eat less green onion, garlic and some spicy and stimulating foods. Take a bath without hot water. Adopt a side-lying position with knees bent. Quilts should not be too thick and the underwear should not be too tight. Take a bath with cold water once a day or wash the scrotum with cold water for 2-3 minutes before going to sleep, which can reduce the excitement degree of sexual nerve. 

(6) Do not be too nervous. Do not hold back the emission when spermatorrhea, do not pinch the penis to control the sperm flow out, which will lead to the sperm store caused diseases. Do not get cold after spermatorrhea, and do not wash the penis with cold water so as to prevent cold pathogenic facotora entering the body.

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