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Definition of eyelid ptosis in TCM

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definition of eyelid ptosis in tcmBlepharoptosis generally refers to palpebra superior ptosis, manifested as palpebra superior ptosis couldn’t raise or whole palpebra couldn’t raise, lead to the inferior border of palpebra superior cover the superior border of the cornea, thus, the palpebral fissure of the affected eyes are smaller than the normal palpebral fissure of the eyes. In the Zhu Bing Yuan Hou Lun, blepharoptosis is named "Sui Tu", "Qin Feng", and "Mu Jian Chui Huan". In the Mu Jing Da Cheng, serious blepharoptosis is named "Jian Fei". Blepharoptosis is divided into two categories: congenital ptosis and acquired ptosis. Congenital ptosis refers to eyes couldn’t open after born, which belongs to oculomotor nerve palpebralis branch, or is caused by oculomotor nucleus hypoplasia, with hereditary. Continue to learn TCM Treatment for Central Serous Chorioretinopathy.

Acquired ptosis is caused by oculomotor nerve paralysis, or palpebralis is impaired by trachoma, tumour, inflammation, trauma palpebra hypertrophy. It can infect two eyes or one eye. Palpebra covering the pupil cause difficult to watch, accompanied with shrugging eyebrow, wrinkling the forehead, raising the head, forming a special looking up position. If suffer from this disease at an early ages, long-term coving the pupils easily lead to argiamblyopia. Blepharoptosis is the early symptom of many diseases. If patients treat this symptom lightly and let it unchecked, patients will be affected in the facial appearance or even cripple.

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