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Functional exercise for eyelid ptosis

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(1) Blinking exercise is a good exercise for beautify face at present. It not only can train the muscle around the eyes, accelerate the blood circulation and strengthen the muscles elasticity of eyelids, but also reduce the crow's-feet on the corner of the eyes.

Firstly, open the mouth as the shape of letter "O", the more round, the better. Then close both eyes quickly, just like the reaction of eyes when facing with a strong light in the dark place, keep for 2-4 seconds, then open both eyes, repeat it for several times. When doing the blinking movement, patients should have a sensation of contraction and relax of eyelids muscles, which prove that the movement is correct. Take this exercise for about 10 times a day at first, then increase the times of movements gradually in the following days. After 1-2 weeks blinking exercise, the palpebra inferior muscles can recover to normal. But patients should practice for 50 times every other day to avoid blepharoptosis again. Continue to learn TCM Treatment for Central Serous Chorioretinopathy.

(2) Take more some eye protecting exercises and more massage to the acupoints around the eyes to accelerate the blood circulation, in order to active the blood cells around the eyes.

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