Eyelid Ptosis TCM Therapy

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Health care methods for eyelid ptosis

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Herbal Therapy
1) Internal Medicine

a. Deficiency of spleen-kidney, disharmony of qi-blood and lose-of-nourishment of channel vessels
Therapeutic Methods: To tonify spleen and boost kidney.
Prescription: Kidney-Warming and Spleen-Boosting Decoction.

b. Deficiency of kidney-qi and spleen-qi, slowness of sinews and vessels, blepharoptosis
Therapeutic Methods: To tonify qi and supplement the center. 
Prescription: Modified Center-Supplementing Qi-Boosting Decoction.

2) External Medicine
Blepharoptosis: Light the moxa rolls, then apply from palpebra superior to forehead back and forth for about 20 minutes until a local flush and warm sensation occurs. Do not let the moxa ashes fall down to scald the skin. Once every night, 10 times as a course of treatment.

(2) Acupoints Massage
1) Ask patient to adopt a sitting or a supine position, the manipulator gently press from Yintang (EX-HN3) to Jingming (BL 1), then press along with upper orbits, through Yuyao (EX-HN4), Sizhukong (TE23), Taiyang (EX- HN 5), Tongziliao (GB 1)">Tongziliao (GB 1), then press along with the lower orbits from upper border to Jingming (BL 1), move back and forth for about 6 minutes, focus on Jingming (BL 1), Yuyao (EX-HN4), Sizhukong (TE23). Then gently press the forehead and orbits back and forth for 7-8 times, accompanied with pressing manipulation to Jingming (BL 1), Yangbai (GB 14), Yuyao (EX-HN4) and Taiyang (EX- HN 5).

2) Congenital ptosis: Push and rub left ridge of spleen-kidney areas and Shenshu (BL23) and Mingmen (GV 4) on the waist until a local hot sensation occurs. Knead and press or pinch Yongquan (KI 1) until a local soreness and distention sensation occurs. Then vertically rub along with vertical axis of soles until a hot sensation occurs.

3) Acquired ptosis: Apply a clockwise rubbing manipulation to the abdomen, focus on Zhongwan (CV 12) and Qihai (CV 6) for about 5 minutes, then knead and press Dazhui (GV 14), Pishu (BL20) and Weishu (BL21) for one minute, then vertically rub Du meridian on the back, horizontally rub lumbosacral portion until a local hot sensation occurs.

(3) Cupping Therapy
Acupoints selected: Shenque (CV 8), Guanyuanshu (BL 26), Qihaishu (BL24), Zusanli (ST 36), Sanyinjiao (SP6), Yongquan (KI 1), Dazhui (GV 14), Fengmen (BL 12), Shenshu (BL23).
Method: Adopt cupping jar manipulation to each acupoint for 10 minutes. Cupping the above acupoints frequently can warm and free collaterals, regulate qi and blood, strength body resistance and eliminate evil, prevent and cure diseases, strengthen physical health.

(4) Foot Massage
Basic reflection areas: eyes, frontal sinus.
Related reflection areas: liver, spleen, kidney.
Symptom reflection areas: lymph node of the chest, lymph node of the upper and lower body.
Reflexotherapy is taken up of 10-15 times as a course of treatment, 30-40 times each time, 1-2 times each day, repeat it after 1-2 days. Soak both feet with light salt water to recover the feet sensitive to massage.

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