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How TCM diagnoses eyelid ptosis

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(1) First, doctor should carefully ask patient’s medical history, family history, and the age of onset. Child with congenital ptosis often suffers from amblyopia. Global palpebra superior ptosis, just likes droop in appearance but evator palpebrae supefioris muscle functions exist. When the pathogenic factors are eliminated, the palpebra superior ptosis will disappear.

(2) Measure the palpebral fissure height: The palpebral fissure height is 7.41-8.92mm among Chinese people, while according to Wolff measurement, the average height is 15mm. The palpebral fissure height has great difference from eyeball joints due to different ages. Continue to learn TCM Treatment for Central Serous Chorioretinopathy.

(3) Evator palpebrae supefioris functional test: Ask patient to open eyes to look forward to upward, downward, doctor measures the palpebral fissure height respectively and observe the relation between palpebral fissure with eyeballs, record the time of duration of the upper eyelid lift up to judge evator palpebrae supefioris functions. In order to avoid the impact of forehead and corrugator supercilii when enlarge the palpebral fissure, doctor should press tightly patient’s geisoma with both thumbs in the examination, to let patient stare at all directions, and record the palpebral fissure height. If patient couldn’t raise the upper eyelid completely, it is called completely ptosis, slightly upper eyelid raise is called incomplete ptosis. Ask patient to stare at all directions before operation, and take photos for reference.

(4) If suspect suffer form myasthenia gravis, patient should take Tensilin test. If the aged with aggravated blepharoptosis, they may suffer from senile blepharoptosis, accompanied with myasthenia gravis.

(5) Adult should take a consultation of department of neurology before having an blepharoptosis operation.

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