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How TCM diagnoses herpes zoster

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This disease often occurs in spring and autumn and mostly in the adults and can be manifested by the premonitory symptoms of slight fever, discomfort in the whole body, burning sensation and pain in the skin of the infected region. The skin rash is mostly distributed along a certain peripheral nerve in a shape of belt. The skin rash occurring on one side of the body will not exceed the midline mostly. The frequently involved positions are intercostal nerve (54%), cervical nerve (20%), trigeminal nerve (including eyes, 15%) and lumbar nerve (11%).

The skin rash is manifested by irregular erythema and then by clusters of papulo-vesicle in size from millet to mung bean, becoming blisters soon. In severe cases, big blisters, blood blisters or gangrene can happen, and the nearby lymphatic nodes are often enlarged. Usually, it can be cured itself in 2 to 3 weeks. But, in some patients, the old patients with weak constitution in particular, the residual neuralgia can last from several weeks to several months. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Herpes Zoster.

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