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How to prevent herpes zoster

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(1) It is necessary to keep dry and clean in the local region and to avoid scratching the local region, in order to prevent secondary infection.

(2) It is also necessary to have a good rest and to adopt a unilateral recumbent position in order to prevent rupture of blisters by pressure.

(3) Have a bland diet, avoid fish, wine, spicy foods, chicken and other foods with warm property. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Herpes Zoster.

(4) Taking effective treatment timely can shorten illness, avoid or relieve the sequela of neuralgia and some complications.
(5) If find uncomfortable in the eyes, face or limbs, patients should take re-treatment timely. Patients with gastrointestinal or chest uncomfortableness should be treated timely.

(6) Children who do not suffer from varicella may be infected by it. So, patients with varicella must be isolated so as not to infect children.

(7) In order to relieve itch, mix 78% calamine lotion, 20% sterilized alcohol, 1% carbolic acid with 1% peppermint camphor evenly, then apply the mixture to the blisters scab.

(8) Other treatments for itch include taking vitamin E frequently or taking a hot bath with colloidal rolled oats to relieve pain.

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