Jet Lag TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for jet lag

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1) Take walking in the cabin for at least 2 hours or take some simple exercises on the seat; such as unbend the arms, moving the legs, stand and bend the muscles of the crus, thigh and hip.

2) Take some interested activities to adjust themselves in line with the custom of the destination; such as listening to music, watching movies, talking with the colleagues, playing cards, etc.

3) Take some simple exercises of leg pressing before sleep; kunker in bed naturally, place the folded hands on the legs and take breath naturally; people may feel pores of the whole body opening and closing while breathing; weeping and yawning will with better effect; people should take sleep as they want.

4) Lie supine and take breath naturally; then relax from the big toe, feet, crus, thigh and to the whole body at last; take it again if people don’t fall asleep.

5) People can lie toward right if fall asleep quickly and hold the right ear with the right palm; the right palm is the fire in nature while the ear is the water in nature; both of them form the harmony of the fire and water which cause the harmony of the heart and kidney; the heart and kidney can be nourished after taking it for a long time.

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