Jet Lag TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for jet lag

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1) Pig Heart Soup
Ingredients: One pig heart, semen zizyphi spinosae 15g, Poria (Fuling) 15g, Radix Polygalae (Yuanzhi) root 5g.
Process: Cut the pig heart into halves and rinse; cook with other clean ingredients in moderate water till it is boiling; remove the floating foam and turn to cook with low fire till it is done; one dose a day, eat pig heart and drink soup. It is helpful to enrich the blood, nourish the heart and liver and calm the nerves. It is applicable to the palpitation, insomnia, dreaminess, poor memory, etc. which are due to the blood-deficiency of the heart and liver.

2) Assorted Rice of Rhizoma Gastrodiae (Tianma)
Ingredients: Rhizoma gastrodiae 5g, polished round-grained rice 100g, chicken 25g, bamboo shoots 50g, carrot 50g, a mushroom, a taro, moderate amount of soy sauce, cooking wine and white sugar.
Process: Soak the rhizoma gastrodiae in water for about 1 hour to make it soft; mince the chicken and cut the clean bamboo shoots and carrot into pieces; peel the taro and cut it with the clean mushroom into shreds; rinse rice and add into the pot with other ingredients; cook it with the low fire till the porridge is done; take it as lunch or dinner once a day.
It is helpful to strengthen the brain and body, calm the nerve and promote sleeping.
It is applicable to the dizziness and blurred vision, insomnia, dreaminess, poor memory, etc.

3) Stewed Semen Nelumbinis, Lily and Lean Meat
Get 20g of semen nelumbinis (remove the seed), 20g of lily and 100g of the lean meat. Stew them in moderate water till the meat is done; season with the salt and take it once a day. It is helpful to clear away the heart-fire and promote qi to calm the nerve.

4) Gruel for nourishing the Heart.
Get 35g of Dangshen, 10 pieces of red dates (without the seed) and 10g of lilyturf root and fushen respectively; decoct them in 2000ml of water till 500ml of decoction is gained; remove the dregs and cook it with the clean rice in water till the gruel is done; add in the brown sugar and serve. It is applicable to the patients with quick heartbeat, forgettery, insomnia, dreaminess.

5) Pachyrhizua angulatus and Fish Soup
Get 250g of pachyrhizua angulatus and rinse them; cut them into bits; remove the gill and viscus of the fish; stew them in moderate water; season with the sliced ginger, oil and salt when the fish is done; eat the fish and drink the soup; take it once or every another day; it is helpful to soothe the muscle and activate the collaterals, promote qi and harmonize the blood, remove fatigue and stop pain, etc. 

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